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The University Interdisciplinary Courses Committee (UICC) oversees courses listed in the University Undergraduate Catalog in the following subjects (for full course listings, click on the links below). Students may register for these courses via PeopleSoft.

INTD courses 
UNIV courses
MISI courses
AIRF courses

Interdepartmental Courses

The INTD designation refers to courses that are “Interdepartmental.”  Interdepartmental (INTD) undergraduate courses are multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary courses that supplement the courses offered by academic departments based in the university’s schools or colleges.

University Courses

The UNIV designation refers to courses that are general “University” courses.  Unlike INTD courses, which are proposed by faculty in academic departments, UNIV courses are proposed and implemented by staff from other university units.

Military Science and Air Force Studies Courses

For more information on these courses and programs, please visit the Veterans Affairs and Military Programs site.

Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies at UConn

Many existing UConn major and minor plans of study are interdisciplinary in nature, but even more are possible.  For information on how to create your own major that is both interdisciplinary and interdepartmental , see information on the Individualized Major Program.

Interdisciplinary Study Abroad

The courses students take when studying abroad don’t always fit under one single department at UConn.  In these cases, it can be difficult for some students to get their study abroad courses accredited through the normal channels.

Students who have tried and failed to get their study abroad courses accredited under two other departments at UConn can then apply to receive accreditation through the UICC, most often as Foreign Study credit (UNIV 1993/2993/3993 or UNIV 1983/2983).

For more information on how to how request accreditation for study abroad courses, click here.

Independent Study (INTD 1999, 3999): Download Registrar’s online form for “Independent Study Authorization

  • Students must have the approval of a qualified instructor, their academic advisor, and the University Interdisciplinary Courses Committee chair before they may register for an INTD independent study.
  • Completed forms should be submitted to the UICC Program Assistant, together with a syllabus or learning contract for the proposed independent study.
  • Please explain why the instructor(s) regard it as appropriate to use an INTD or UNIV independent study rather than a departmental independent study course.

Interdisciplinary vs. Interdepartmental

  • Interdepartmental (INTD) designated courses are intended to be interdisciplinary; that is, they are courses that incorporate more than one subject area and academic method
  • However, not all interdisciplinary courses will be INTD designated courses.  For example, EKIN 3335 Sport Law is interdisciplinary, but it is not an INTD course.  It incorporates the disciplines of both law and athletics, but the course is housed only in the Education Kinesiology department and carries the EKIN designation.
  • INTD designated courses are also by nature interdepartmental courses; that is, they are courses that incorporate subjects and methods from multiple departments across the university.
  • All INTD designated  courses will be interdepartmental; however, not all interdisciplinary courses will necessarily be interdepartmental (See again the example of EKIN 3335 Sport Law)

For any questions regarding this distinction, please contact the UICC Program Assistant.